Discover the Confidence and Courage Connection

Let’s discuss the Confidence and Courage Connection

confidence and confidence connectionThere’s a confidence and courage connection that anyone interested in personal growth should take note of and look further into.

It’s a valuable topic and something we can all derive benefit from. I would recommend spending some time learning and considering how you can build confidence and courage because a lack in either of these two characters can keep us from truly being our best and experiencing our best life.

Over the course of this and subsequent blog posts, we’ll explore exactly what the connection between courage and confidence is, why they are important and of course (and also more importantly) what we can do to become more courageous and increase our self-confidence on a daily basis.

The end goal will be to have a bag of tools to help us continue to become more confident after this adventure is over. Of course, I also hope to show you how to develop courage and confidence in each of the blog posts themselves.

If you’ve been recently struggling with your own feelings of self-confidence and self-worth, or simply been too scared and anxious to go after your dreams, you know that this is certainly an important topic. Raising your level of self-confidence will make you feel better with regards to yourself and help you move ahead in life and reach for your ambitions. More importantly, how courageous and confident we are has a definite influence on how happy and accomplished we feel.

In other words, finding your courage and self-confidence is something really worth acting on.

Are you ready to join me and commit to focusing on your own levels of courage and self-confidence? Just like anything that involves human growth and self-improvement, it’s not always going to be easy and I am going to ask you to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then.

Having said that, I promise you it is well worth working on this particular aspect of personal development and you can benefit quite a bit by sticking with me and giving it a shot. At the very least, commit to returning to this site and reading each blog post on the subject. I’m certain you’ll get something out of it and i hope that you’ll decide to jump in and put into practice what I’m sharing each time.

So, having stated my case for the effort, let’s continue with a look at how courage and self-confidence are related.

What is the the Confidence and Courage Connection?

confidence and courage connectionOnce you have considered it, you will definitely agree there is a confidence and courage connection.

Take a moment to think back on a time when you were frightened to do something but you gathered up your courage and did it regardless.

Perhaps it was walking clear of a bad situation. Maybe it was working through a problem that appeared unachievable at first glance.

Possibly it was overcoming a fear of yours, facing it, and coming through fine at the other side.

Maybe it was overcoming a major physical or mental challenge like running your very first 10K race or acing a big exam. It doesn’t matter exactly what it was, as long as you come up with something that required courage to do.

Think about how you felt after you did whatever that courageous item or act was. It felt pretty amazing, didn’t it?

Maybe you were a little bit exhausted from the effort, or pleased that you really did make it through to the other side. Mainly though, that adrenaline began pumping through your system and you felt incredibly proud of what you’d achieved. That subsequently made you feel overjoyed and good about yourself and your own ability to do additional courageous things.

In other words, you provided yourself a huge boost of self-confidence. That right there, is one of the connections between self-confidence and courage.

We can boost our confidence and feeling of self-worth by starting the habit of carrying out courageous things. Setting up that habit is something we’ll work on in a different post.

There’s on top of that one additional connection. As soon as you’ve gotten that boost of self-confidence, you start to feel much more courageous and are willing to tackle the next tough thing on your list.

Quite simply, self-confidence and courage work in a self-propelling cycle or spiral. Do something courageous then your self-confidence improves. Just as your confidence goes up, it will be much easier to do something courageous. And on and on it spirals.

This is an important concept to grasp and it’s something that you can use to your own benefit. What it really means is that by simply getting in the habit of performing something that scares you or that seems difficult at first glance and possessing the courage to give it a try anyway, you can put this self-propelling spiral of greater self-confidence into action.

From there on out, anything you do that’s either courageous or boosts your confidence in yourself, will make it easier to continue going and continue improving on both counts. The main hard part is getting started, and honestly, that isn’t all that hard or scary, is it? Just what are you able to do today that takes a little bit of courage?


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