Strategies for personal growth – 8 tips you can use right now


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8 strategies for personal growth introduction

We all need strategies for personal growth we can use.

We should all be spending time developing as a person in whatever way is meaningful to us individually, but sometimes life can get in the way and we put it off or don’t quite get round to it.

It’s never too late to create a life of meaning for yourself that will give you satisfaction and inner peace, but only you can do it.

But this is your life and your personal growth strategies are entirely up to you.  No one else is going to do it for you and, after all, you have the most invested in making it happen!

Making positive changes to your life can be difficult but it is not impossible if you put your mind to it and take charge of your life for yourself.   You need to develop some leadership of your future.

Many people have stories that show getting focused on their future changed their life and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be one of them.  Make your life an inspirational story for others.  Take some of these strategies for personal growth and build them into your life planning. 


Use these 8 strategies for personal growth right now to take charge of your life and take it to the next level:


1 Set yourself up for productivity by avoiding distractions

Even though we might like to have the concentration powers of a monk, most of us are just not that disciplined.  We are easily distracted from our goals and personal development work by background noise, both literal and actual.

We can be distracted by our cell phones, social media, internet activities and TV.

When you decide to spend time focusing on your goals, remove as many of these distractions as you possibly can.  Focus on the activities that progress your goals and do not be distracted for the time you decide to spend on them. 


2 Don’t be put off by the opinion of others

Many of us rely on the opinion of others to determine if we our doing well in our personal growth efforts but that isn’t the barometer we should use.  

Sometimes your friends won’t acknowledge your improvements because they are afraid you will improve so much you leave them behind.  Your relationships with some people may suffer.

Some people are so entrenched that they don’t like seeing other people doing well and they try to bring them down to their level.  This is in direct contrast to you who are trying to rise above the average. 

Sometimes it may just be better to keep your goals to yourself to avoid any criticism any negative responses you may get.

Decide that you have set your goals based on your own aspirations and it is up to you whether they are right to follow or not.

If others are pleased for you and support you, great!  If not, you have to ignore their comments and just leave them behind.


3 Set priorities for your improvement every day

You should make a list every day of the things that you can do that will move your goals a bit further forward.

Look at your life goals and decide upon an activity each day that will move you closer to them.

Your to-do list will also include day to day items relating to your job and home life but that’s okay too.  In the middle of creating a great future, we have to manage the things that matters today. 


4 Don’t work on too many goals at once

When you start to consciously work on your life goals, it’s easy to try to work on too many things at once.

You might have a number of goals such as learning a new language, qualifying in a related subject, playing a musical instrument or learning to fly but there are only so many hours in a day.

Pick a few key goals and discipline yourself to mainly focus on achieving those goals.  What on your list are you most eager to achieve?  What achievements will mean the most to you?

The others can wait until these first ones are achieved.


5 Identify your values.

Every decision you make will come as a result of your values.

If you take time to determine what is most important to you, you will find deciding upon which activities to pursue becomes a much simpler task.

You will be able to schedule tasks that make sense for you because they support your values and will progress your personal goals. 


6 Remind yourself of your goals at least once a day.  

How many people set resolutions at New Year only to not look at them again until it’s time to do it again the following New Year? 

Those resolutions are often poorly thought out and spur of the moment and people rarely have the motivation to see them through. 

Your goals, however, have been properly formed based upon your values and aspirations and represent real objectives you want to achieve. 

Have them written down somewhere easy to access and reread them several times per day to remind yourself of the things you have decided are important. 

First thing in the morning and last thing at night works well, as well as some time during the day if you can.  Don’t just read them, though.  Really put some emotion into imagining them as if they were already real.


7 Model someone else who already has what you want.

Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel!

There will be others now or in the past who have walked the exact same path as you are now.  Use them as role models and copy what worked for them to see if it works for you.

If they have become famous, read all you can about them, especially if they have written it themselves, and take away notes and actions for you to emulate to accelerate your progress.

If you know someone personally, a work colleague or friend, consider asking them to act as a mentor.  It may be a bit awkward to ask but many business people swear by the benefits of having a coach to give them advice and keep them on track.  

A coaching relationship may give you inspiration and the confidence that you are moving in the right direction.


8 Evaluate your progress occasionally and change your approach if necessary.

The first parts of a Personal Development Plan are to decide your goals and start on your plan to achieve them but it doesn’t end there.

You need to stop from time to time and assess whether your actions are moving you towards your

If they are, great!  Keep on doing what you are doing.

If they are not,  then try to pinpoint why they are not.

Decide which behaviour isn’t  moving your goals forward and deliberately replace it with a different one that might work.

Continue to execute your plan and come back to reassess from time to time. 


8 Strategies for personal growth you can use right now conclusion

This article highlighted just eight of the many strategies for personal growth you can use right away.

Think about what changes you might like to make in your life and how these strategies might help you achieve those changes.  Be willing to plan and
experiment with your actions.  Make use of any resources that you may have.  

Take control, be successful and build your dream life! 

I hope you enjoyed this article listing 8 useful strategies for personal growth 

Please consider leaving a comment if you did.  It would be great to hear from you.

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